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    Invoice Management Solution

    Provides various types of data analytical reports for taxation officers to support decision-making based on diverse data indexes, models and algorithms.

    Background introduction: Solution introduction:

    Invoice Management Solution integrates with software and hardware, which is the essential process regarding to tax revenue information collection. It is designed with an encryption/decryption mechanism which is extraordinarily secured and reliable. Its invoice life cycle management can greatly ensure invoice data can be transferred to the tax bureaus safely and accurately in a real-time manner. It can help tax bureau officers monitor and analyze invoice data of taxpayers.

     IMS Overview


    Comprehensive Collection on Invoice Data

    Intact Life-cycle of Invoice Management

    Compatibility with All Industry Application

    Mature System Openness

    Unbreakable Security

    Core Value

    Increase Tax Revenue

    Idea of invoice life cycle management can wipe out loopholes in traditional tax business process and optimize taxation management to increase tax revenue.

    Provide Basis for Economics Analysis

    Fully and timely collect transaction data can help tax bureau be continuously updated with taxpayers’ information. Meantime, various reports can provide basis for tax bureau officers on decision-making.

    Promote Tax Compliance

    Invoice can be verified easily to hugely avoid occurrence of fake invoices, in which transaction activities of taxpayers can be substantially regularized to promote tax compliance.

    Provide Fair & Healthy Taxation Environment.

    Mechanism of “one device with one secret key” greatly ensures the uniqueness of each invoice and prevents manual intervention during the invoice data management in order to establish a fair and healthy taxation environment, also contribute to social and economic stability.

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