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      Inspur Solution of Container E-Government Data Center

      With the rapid development of information technology in recent years, the public’s expectation toward the reform of government administration and service mode is also skyrocketing. Governments at different levels tend to carry out publicized government affairs, service and digital surveillance through unified platform network. It will effectively integrate e-government resources, improve resources sharing and business coordination, give powerful boost to the e-government level of less-developed areas, solve the problem caused by difficulty in platform operation/maintenance due to insufficient informatization technology in cities and counties, and cut operation/maintenance cost. Moreover, with informatized method, power will be run on the internet and under constant surveillance. The previous “man on man” supervision is substituted by “machine on man” and “system on man” supervision.

      Background introduction:

      E-government is a key measure that China has taken to transform governmental functions and improve government administration, public service and emergence response competence, nutritious to the driving of sustainable development of the overall national economy and social informatization. Inside the government, authorities at different levels will be able to know about, give instructions to and supervise the subordinating departments through internet. This will be a revolution to office mode and administrative mentality. Inside the government, sharing and co-construction of information resources between different departments through internet will bring such benefits as improvement of working efficiency, quality and standard, reduction of government running cost, and endorsement of anti-corruption movement. With government as the administrator of a country, advocating e-government will help the modernization of government administration, and digitalization, automation and networking of government affairs. Through such a convenient and low-cost means of communication as the internet, the government is providing a fast lane for the public to know about the constitution, functionalities, business procedures, and relevant laws and regulations of different government agencies. Transparency in affair-handling and law enforcement of the government is raised, and the government is willing to receive supervision from the public. In e-government, all the data, files, archives and statistics of the society and economy will be digitally stored in the network servers. Access to them is made ready for anyone anytime through the “search” mechanism of the system.

      Solution introduction:

       Inspur solution to container e-government data center is dependent on Inspur container data center. The center is actually an integrated infrastructure of necessary components that constitute a data center within a container, including IT racks, distribution panels, UPS, batteries, cooling device, fire fighting system, security system and monitor system, even including backup diesel generator. The integrated container is a fully-packaged data center. Acclaimed as highly efficient, it becomes ready for work once plugged in and connected to the internet, even right after delivery is made.



      Inspur Solution of E-Government Container Data Center

      With container data center as foundation, open, efficient and convenient e-government architecture as core, the Inspur e-government data center container integrates advanced technologies like big data and cloud computing into the construction of e-government platform, and aims to establish a platform that is more effective, more simplified, more open, more transparent, and can better serve the enterprise and the public. The e-government will reshape the relationship between government, enterprise and the public in the sense that coordination will increase and enterprise and the public will be better involved in government administration.



      Highlights and Value of Inspur Solution

      Open Architecture: the cloud platform is open and extensively compatible, it supports heterogeneous virtualization platform and hardware device.

      Quick Deployment: unlike the traditional establishment of data center which is to be assembled and installed, the container data center is customized during the stage of manufacture, and could be instantly put into work by plugging in on site.

      Energy-saving and Environment-friendly: technologies like efficient insulation, isolation of hot/cool channel and accurate ventilation, etc. are adopted to ensure the overall energy-saving feature of the data center.

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