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      Inspur Solution of Informatization of Human Resources and Social Security
      Background introduction:

      1. Demand and Challenge

      Under the social background of “universal coverage of insurance” and as the social security program covers more and more people, service content gets more and more complex and service area becomes wider and wider, the problem that had hidden behind the lack of management service resources, methods and instruments starts to show. Universal coverage of insurance has set a higher bar for the supporting capacity of the data center.

      After the reform of “super ministry system”, what falls in the range of responsibilities of Department of Human Resources and Social Security has been multiplied. On one hand, it touches upon numerous fields and industries like job employment, construction of talent team, income allocation, labor relation, social security, public human resources management, etc. On the other, it is also associated with every stage of a person’s life, from birth, growth, career, social responsibility and family all the way to the end of his life. All these information has to be established. Moreover, the need for coordination, linkage and sharing between different departments is also on the rise. The reform of “super ministry system” has been a driving force to highlight the urgency of integrating the information system.

      With the development of the society, the public’s requirement for the accessibility and equalization of the government public service is of higher and higher standard. The need is changing along the trend for multi-layering, diversification and personalization. The skyrocketing of request for public service demands that the informatized method shall provide solid support.

      The human resources and social security information system will provide service to a larger group of people, manage a bigger amount of capital, and thus requires a more powerful information security system. Especially after the launch of overall planning at municipal and county level as well as cross-regional business, the data center will be responsible for real-time business handling. So it must be ensured that data are secured and system operation is stable. Once there occurs a security risk, a fairly wide range of normal business will be affected, undermining the vital interests of the public or even incurring unstable social problems. The challenge to information security is of a grim one.

      The job of human resources and social security will bring many new characteristics, which shall be noticed and well handled during the informatization process: the promotion in urban and rural area shall give integrated support to various human resources and social security business in urban and rural area in terms of establishment of informatization, the general undertaking of such business as cross-regional employment, transfer and renewal of social insurance and remuneration, etc. shall receive the support from information system that is supposed to provide nationwide overall planning and deployment and pay special attention to the coordinated development between different regions, The reform of “super ministry system” has created closer associations for businesses of human resources and social security, thus a unified information system is needed to realize the coordination between businesses, the idea of “accurate management” raised by the central government requires an information system as the backbone that covers more, reaches more, associates more and can do more, as the public’s need for public service becomes more and more urgent, the informatization shall be steered by a people-oriented philosophy, to provide people with information service that is secured, convenient and considerate. Therefore, at the provincial level, which is a crucial link between the central and local government, the establishment of social security informatization shall provide a data center that is able to satisfy the demand of social security business. This is of the top priority and has typical solution value.

      Solution introduction:

      2. Inspur Solution of Social Insurance Data Center at Provincial Level

      Social security data center is designed into different areas and regions, mainly as production area, decision-making area, exchange area and public service area. And according to different status of the establishment in different provinces and cities, other areas such as certification area, management area and test area, etc. are divided.

      Production Area

      The production area is directly operating the business system responsible for the business transactions. It is the most important part of the human resources and social security system, and normally includes separate database system, application system and storage backup system. Regarding the establishment of hardware system of the production area, and with consideration to the device’s requirement for performance, stability and security, Inspur suggests application system and database system adopt China-manufactured minimal machine system TS-K1, and Inspur high-end storage system for the matching storage system.

      Decision-making Area

      The decision-making area is operating the business system that supports the business data macro decision-making, including database system of the business system and relevant decision-making analysis software. Inspur suggests that analytical application system adopt the cloud platform solution of high-end 8-way servers, and database system, again, adopt Inspur minimal machine system TS-K1, and Inspur middle or high-end storage system for the matching storage system.

      Exchange Area

      The exchange area is operating business system that supports horizontal and vertical exchange and sharing of information at the same level, including database system of the business system. Inspur suggests that business system adopt the cloud platform solution of high-end 8-way servers, database system adopt Inspur minimal machine system TS-K1, and Inspur middle or high-end storage system for the matching storage system.

      Public Service Area

      The public service area is operating public service system that provides query, enterprise application, etc. toward the public, including business system and database system that are designed to serve the public. Inspur suggests that the business system adopt the cloud platform solution of high-end 8-way servers, database adopt Inspur minimal machine system TS-K1 or high-end 8-way TS860, and Inspur middle or high-end storage system for the matching storage system.

      3. Advantage and Value of Inspur Solution

      Compartmentalized deployment will enable applications to be run in different zones according to their categories so as to present clear logic flow and controllable security.

      The application deployment solution of the cloud platform will substantially shorten the users’ business online time, help users save space in the machine room, as well as power cost and maintenance cost, reducing the users’ TCO in a great deal. In this way, the need for unified management from the users shall be satisfied and efficiency of the operation/maintenance management be raised.

      The solution of China-manufactured minimal machine database system is able to provide different computation module according to the different computing capability of the user’s business system. Its configuration is flexible and scalable. Moreover, in contrast to the original abduction of users imposed by MNC, the home-made minimal machine is independent and controllable, which also renders the user’s informatization independent and controllable.

      This solution is not only able to satisfy the current system need of the users, but also keeps flexible scalability. It centers closely on the human resources and social security work, relies on application construction of the Golden Insurance Project, highlights 1 priority, strengthens 2 mergers, promotes 3 changes, realizes 4 coverage, and promotes the work of human resources and social security towards rapid development through scientific decision-making, modernized management and convenient service-providing.

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