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    Inspur i24 Server A New Generation of Data Center

    Product Overview:

    Inspur introduced computing dense i24 a high-end 2U4N rack-mounted server optimized for brand-new high-density data centers and applications. Extreme performance and ultimate flexible modular based design can meet various flexible demands which are Compute intensive, distributed infrastructure, super converged infrastructure platform and so on. In the limited space, i24 achieves perfect functionalities: high-density, efficiency, reliability and intelligence. Meanwhile, excellent scalability makes it even suitable for virtualization infrastructures, HPC and cloud platforms.

    Key features

    This server has high quality and high reliability on performance, storage and extension, and makes innovations and breakthroughs on computing performance, flexible configuration and intelligent management.

    Extreme / World-class Performance

    Inspur i24 incorporates eight new generation of Intel® Xeon® scalable processor into a 2U space which drastically improved the computing performance and satisfies the rigorous demand of cloud computing, big data, data mining, deep learning and other high-end IT applications. Supports 2666 MHz speeds based on the memory stick and aggregately achieve up to 4TB memory capacity. In addition, the server allows NVDIMM option which guarantees the better performance of cache node. It also supports NVMe All-flash SSDs to ensure the maximum front-end access rate.

    Flexible Design/Configurations

    In order to satisfy the various business demand, I24 provides an efficient and reliable infrastructure with extensible design options. Inspur i24 supports 4x 1U 2-socket half-width node (NS5162M5) and each node is connected to the enclosure. The enclosure can deploy 4 nodes at the same time and support easy installation and deployment. Each node is an independent server system which has independent CPU, memory as well as storage system. The server supports up to 24SFF or 12 LFF HDD/SSDs to satisfy the demand of internal storage and built-in SATA M.2 for OS installation. The system supports 12*PCO-E x16 and 4 OCP cards to make sure flexible I/O interface. With the CPU water-cooling option and 2*2000W high efficiency power supplies, i24 supports more efficient high-density data centers.

    Intelligent Management

    The i24 provides numerous management features to simplify the operation works and reduce the cost. The system embedded with the upgraded intelligent management system composed of CMC and BMC, it supports both IPMI 2.0 as well as Redfish. The CMC provides unified management and maintenance for power, fan and any other nodes and enables the access to the node monitoring information. Modularized node management strategy provides easy access to upgrades and serviceable to the whole system.



    i24 Node Specification

    Form Factor



    Intel® C622/624 series chipset

    Processor family

    2 Intel Xeon Scalable processors

    Processor core available

    Maximum 28-core per processor

    Processor speed

    3.6 GHz, maximum depending on processor

    Memory slot

    16 DIMM slots, Capacity up to 1TB (64G x 16)

    Memory type


    Memory protection features


    Storage controller

    • Onboard SATA controller
    • Inspur SAS 3008 (IT/IMR) support RAID 0,1,10,1E,5 Inspur SAS RAID 3108 (RAID 0,1,10,1E,5,6,10,50). 2G/4G cache and SuperCap options.
    • LSI 9361-8i (RAID 0,1,1E,5,6,10,50). 1G/2G cache and SuperCap options.

    I/O Expansion slot

    Up to 3 PCIE slot

    Network Controller

    Support OCP/PHY, external PCI-E card


    1x independent 1000Mbps NIC for remote control


    Aspeed2500 COD, 64MB video memory, resolution up to 1280*1024

    Integrated I/O port

    SUV interface board (2x RS-232 + 1x VGA +2x USB 2.0)

    Internal Storage

    2xSATA M.2 SSDs

    Enclosure Specs


    • 2.5” NVMe backplane: support 24x hot-swap NVMe HDD/SSDs
    • 2.5” NVMe+SAS backplane: support 24x hot-swap SAS/SATA/SSD/NVMe HDD/SSDs (up to 4xNVMe SSDs and 2x SAS/SATA HDDs per node)
    • 3.5”  backplane: support 12x hot-swap SAS/SATA HDD/SSDs

    Power Supply

    • 2000W 80Plus Platinum power supplies
    • Single or Dual Power Supply options
    • Support 100-240V AC or 192-300V DC power supply


    4x80mm system fans in the middle of the enclosure


    2.5” enclosure: 446(W)*87.5(H)*805(D)mm

    3.5” enclosure: 446(W)*87.5(H)*845(D)mm


    Integrate BMC+CMC and IKVM remote management module compliance to IPMI2.0, supporting KVM over IP, and Redfish

    Supported Operating Systems

    Linux and Windows

    Operating Temperature


    Input Voltage



    3 years standard warranty


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